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As a member Minnesota Power Yoga, you will experience physical fitness growth, community and a ton of fun to support your healthy lifestyle. This experience starts on your mat and transfers into your life! Commit to this practice 2 times a week, shift your attitude. Commit to this practice 3 times a week, notice a big change in your health. Commit to this practice 5 times a week and watch your whole life transform!

Pricing Options

New Students 1st Week FREE


Membership (1st 30 Days)

-only available during free week-


Unlimited Yoga Membership


Year-Long Membership


Student Discount


Add your family member or partner


Membership Benefits:

  • Free towel rentals
  • 10% off all workshops
  • Unlimited love & support in a community committed to your growth & happiness

Flexible Options

Once a Weeker (4x/month)


Twice a Week (8x/month)


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