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At Minnesota Power Yoga, we have raised over $6,000 for AYP that covers service projects and the continued work of Africa Yoga Project!

Africa Yoga Project


MPY works directly with quite possibly the most inspiring company in the world.

Africa yoga project has over 100 yoga teachers educated and employed, and offers 300+ free classes weekly, and empowers over 6,000 people weekly.

Africa Yoga Project empowers over 250,000 Kenyans a year through the power of yoga. The 98 AYP teachers see no boundaries of sharing this practice.  They teach in prisons, schools, special need centers, HIV/AIDS support groups, deaf schools and rural villages.

This year, our owner & visionary Danielle Jokinen Assisted their second ever Yoga Teacher Training in Nairobi, Kenya.

What Danielle has to say about AYP:

“Africa Yoga Project allows me to share the practice of yoga, and connect with people around the world. The exchange is mutual, powerful and contributes to all. Individuals are empowered, relationships are forged, communities are healed both emotionally and physically, and new possibilities are seen and made real.

I personally know this practice has allowed me to become my best self and has allowed me to create the life I imagined. I am committed to being of service and share my experience and teaching! I know this practice works anywhere and everywhere. It works if you are in the slums of Nairobi, in a women’s prison, a school or a yoga studio in the USA. Yoga is  changing the planet and I am committed to changing nations by sharing and spreading Baptiste Yoga all over the world.

This practice has allowed me to find my truth and authenticity! It has allowed me to live my dream, open a Yoga studio, teach others to be their best self, live their purpose and share it with the world. I am grateful to know AYP teachers and have seen how it has transformed their lives. It has gotten them off the streets and into jobs that empower others to get off the streets as well!  

I was honored to be a part of AYP’s Yoga Teacher Training this year. This has been a goal of mine since 2012 after I went to Baron Baptiste Boot Camp, met Paige and watched the documentary on AYP.”

Go to Africa Feb 20 – Mar 1, 2018 in Nairobi!

What we promise you will receive from this trip:

• Learn how to teach YOD (Yoga of the Day)
• Disrupt business as usual and create possibility
• Opportunity to learn how to blend high intensity, strength, power yoga in one powerful, relaxing and life changing class.

Our Seva Safari will include the teachings of workshops for the community and our team that include:

• YOD Training
• Optimal Alignment
• Meditation

Get all the info here:

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