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You Are Perfectly Imperfect And That’s Amazing

Here at Minnesota Power Yoga, we can’t get over Baron’s Baptiste’s new book,“Perfectly Imperfect.”

Baron does an excellent job of shining light on the fact that there is no perfect pose. There is no perfect path. You’ll never live the perfect life. And that, my friend? Is perfect. We encourage you to read his book to gain key tools for approaching your yoga practice and your life with more grace and confidence. 

As a Baptiste affiliate, we’ve adopted the combination of asana practice, meditation and self-inquiry designed to transform your life. We want to help you connect to what is most important to you. Our goal is to set you out into the world with tools to achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations. We believe this practice provides a pathway for giving back. In other words? This practice DOES make the world a better place.


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