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My Path to MPY

My Path to MPY

By Holly Doughty

How did I find my way to Minnesota Power Yoga?
Simple. I took a trip to Savannah, Georgia.

Okay, backing up a little bit…
I came to yoga about ten years ago at my local health club.
I enjoyed it and appreciated the physical results, even if practicing just part time.
During that time I sustained serious nerve damage to my right hand in an accident – unrelated to yoga.
That was the end of yoga for me for many years.

When I was able to use my hand again, I did a free week at a popular yoga studio –not my jam.
I spent some time at a local yoga studio – a better fit but still not quite right for me.

So now let’s fast-forward to January 2016 and a trip to Savannah.
I was spending a week in the city and wanted to spend some of my free time doing yoga.
I found an amazing Baptiste yoga studio down the block from where I was staying.
Finally, this was exactly what I was looking for.
This Baptiste yoga was my jam.
After my first class, I googled Baptiste yoga studios in the Twin Cities and much to my delight I found Minnesota Power Yoga.
I’ve found my place, a great community of amazing teachers and yogis.

For me, yoga is a journey of getting to know myself.
In Perfectly Imperfectly, Baron says, “In many ways, yoga is a practice not of building but of uncovering. It is the ultimate excavation tool for the soul.”
I am slowly excavating my soul from all the walls I’ve built around it.
I’ve been hiding behind the walls and in the real struggles of life I’ve become disconnected from myself.
Yoga is changing that for me, not just on the mat but in all of life.
I’ve been afraid to be vulnerable, but allowing myself to work on a pose, and perhaps fall over, is opening myself to vulnerability.
In one-on-one’s with Danielle, I’ve learned to “open my heart and focus on awareness, so that I can know what I already know and be who I already am.”
She has taught me to “stand in my truth and trust my intuition.”

Yoga has deepened my curiosity as well.
When I’m on my mat, sweating profusely and on rare occasions thinking I’ve really nailed this,
I am learning I can go deeper in the pose.
That carries over to my life. I’m going deeper in discovering who I am and what I’m capable of.
I am always learning in yoga and making discoveries, which is leading me to being open to people off my mat.
I’m learning to speak from my heart and make authentic connections with others.

Yoga has also taught me to breathe and the importance of it in practice.
Yes, fire up my breath and build the heat.
(I’ve learned tapas aren’t just a delicious appetizer.)
Breathing off the mat has raised my awareness.
Simply focusing on “breath in, breath out” has made a significant difference in being present in my life.

Finally, my physical being is becoming stronger through yoga and opening to new challenges.
I realized how little I really knew about the poses and proper form when I started practicing at MPY.
There is Danielle’s analogy in warrior two, Mitchell’s teaching of true north, and Kelly’s encouragement in YOD to push my limits.
I’m learning to keep my back leg strong in crescent lunge and up on those toes.
When I’m brave enough to attempt crow, I have been instructed to lift my head and shoulders and gaze forward while keeping my arms strong.
There are countless things to learn and challenge me in the poses.

MPY is an not a place where people just come to practice yoga and show off svelte bodies in a room full of mirrors. (No mirrors here!)
Yes, yoga is practiced, but laughs are shared, meaningful conversations are held, and hugs are exchanged for support or celebration.
All are welcome, without judgements, but with encouragement to be yourself.
It is an energetic community of passionate teachers and amazing yogis, all lead by a woman who is committed to yoga and on fire with life!


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