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Why I Share True North Alignment

Why I Share True North Alignment

By Mitchell Molloy

As a young child, I was nearly obsessed with movement of any kind. Sports were obviously my jam. I played on three baseball teams in the summers, and spent my winters changing, in the back seat of my family’s minivan, from basketball attire into hockey gear. And it didn’t stop there, I had my family time me as I raced to the basement to get monopoly for the family to play (which they often used to their advantage). I remember one Christmas morning when I was so excited, I ran up to the camera that was shooting our home videos jumping up and down, and slapping my forehead over & over again. Long story short, it was clear I wanted to move.

Movement guided me to sports, in particular rugby, and sports guided me to lifting. By age 23 I was seeking the biggest challenge I could find. I wanted something that would prepare me for any physical activity I would come across. Enter Crossfit. Crossfit attempts to prepare the body to do… Basically anything. From about a million squats a month, to handstand push ups, to olympic lifting, the idea is to be able to do it all. And I did, for about two years. I noticed my body depleting from the stress of crossfit and rugby. It was clear that this lifestyle was not sustainable for my body.

And then, Yoga. I won’t even dive into the countless benefits that this practice has brought to my life. All I can say is I am grateful beyond words that I found it. And what is so special to me about Yoga? Let me share my story…

The Friday before a rugby game, I went entered my first yoga class. I still remember it like it was yesterday. The 8:30 yoga class at L.A. Fitness Roseville. When I completed the class, there was an unexplainable peace within me. I knew there was more, I was driven to explore.

A few months later I met this awesome woman named Danielle Jokinen. She convinced me that it was a good idea to come to her studio Minnesota Power Yoga, and I did. It was at Minnesota Power Yoga that I had the opportunity, for the first time in my life to listen to what my body was saying. With no mirrors, and no music, I was able to hear when my muscles wanted more, or when they needed me to back off. I was able to respond to wrist pain, chronic back pain, tight hips, tight hamstrings, rounded shoulders, tight quads & IT bands, sore knees. Yes, I had all of that. When I started yoga, I couldn’t lay down in Savasana. THAT’S JUST LAYING ON MY BACK!! Wait, I want to make sure you processed that… I couldn’t lay on my back, my the muscles around my spine & low back we’re so tight, I did not know how to relax them enough so that I could lay down flat!

I knew there was so much healing to be done in my body. A life of overuse of, and not listening to my body had landed me with a choice. Do the work, or ignore it. But how? How could I possibly know how to heal this mess that I had created in my own body?


True North Alignment teaches me to stand. So do it. Yes you! You reading this right now. Get out of your desk chair, get out of bed, and stand up on your feet… I’ll wait… Standing? Great! Now slouch. Doesn’t feel so great, does it? Now spread your toes wide, push your feet into the ground, spread your fingers wide and on your next breath in, with all the power and might you can muster, reach up to the heavens. REACH! From your heals, ground, from your heals to your fingertips draw in to the center of your body, from the center of your body grow tall and shine with your entire body! Awesome right! Okay, just sayin’, that was a pretty good explanation of True North from a computer screen. AND THERE IS SO MUCH MORE!!!

In our life we slouch. I used to slouch. I drank a lot. I smoked a ton of weed, I even dabbled in psychedelics. I hid in my life. I hid behind the belief that I wasn’t good enough for a happy life, with a family, a good job, to show up in my relationships. I hid. I was not doing “the best that I could”. How did I know I was not doing my best?

One day I was practicing yoga, and I saw it in my hands. I saw my hands were slouching. I wasn’t putting all of me into my yoga practice. I thought about this. Why wasn’t I putting all of me into my yoga practice? Then I realized I wasn’t putting all of me into every aspect of my life. I was faced with another choice, do pretty good at life, or be the best possible me that I could possibly imagine! So I took a stance… My True North.

I love to learn from others, and I will until the day I die. And at some point, I believe there must be an internalization of knowledge. In the end only we know what is best for us. So whether it be advice from a doctor, a teacher, a mother, or a tip on how to align your body, in the end, the responsibility lies in your hands. So I am here to give you some clues, to share some things that I have worked for me in my life. Then YOU will take that, and all of the other experiences in your life, and shape your True North. And when your body, mind, and spirit are all aligned, you will be catapulted into a new life, the life that you have always dreamed, your ideal path that will lead you to what your heart truly desires.

Thank you for listening, and I hope to see you soon, in your True North!




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