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Sharing is an Act of Service

Sharing your voice is an act of service to anyone who finds themselves listening and present to what you’re expressing. By getting on our mats, we open the doors to connection…connection to ourselves, connection to each other and connection to the world. When you commit to these practices, programs and methodologies, you find your voice, intuition and unique self-expression.

Allow yourself to be heard, seen and vulnerable because it is service to the world. We all go through hurdles, breakdowns and bumps in the road. It’s easy to hide, fix and try to appear “perfect” on the outside. By sharing your experiences and true feelings, you create an opportunity to relate to those in similar situations. It opens you to greater support from those around you. Vulnerability connects you to others on a soul level. It’s a way to acknowledge the equality we all have with each other. It awakens humanity and unity.

And on that note…we’re deeply inspired by our new teacher trainee, Kristina Luby.She started a blog where she shares her stories in a powerful way, and we want to share it in the newsletter.

Check it out HERE!


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