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The Magic Recipe In Creating the Life You Want

I remember playing basketball and the coach yelling, “Follow through!” on the free throw, “Right aim, right focus, intention and follow through!”

Now I remember to follow through in my yoga practice. It’s easy to say, “I’ll get to my mat today. Oh, actually tomorrow I’ll practice yoga.”

To boost your follow through, create the right intention. Here’s an example…

“I want to find peace. My yoga practice brings peace to my life.”

When you follow through, you make your life happen. Start with an intention. Then, make a plan of action. And finally, follow through.

What do you want to create in your life? Do the thing you’ve been avoiding.Pick up the phone and call your sister, walk over and say hello to that cute boy you’ve been eyeing, sign up for the course you’ve been thinking about.

You have the power to paint the picture of your life, exactly how you want it. Intention, action and follow through is the magic recipe!


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