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What it means to be a YES.

Close your eyes, breathe in, and say, “No.”

Notice how it feels. Observe any reactions or sensations. Do you feel happy and light? Angry, sad or heavy?

Now, take a big breath in and say, “Yes.” Notice the difference. Take note of any shifts in your energy or body.

What does being a YES for your life look like? Being a YES to the things you want in life expands into endless possibility and exploration. YES gives you access to fully show up and create from the space of possibility. It lets you discover a new vocabulary, a new way of acting, a new way of being. YES creates space for what you want to happen in your life!

Being a YES is being a stand for you, a stand for everyone and his or her greatest potential in all moments. It takes discipline, consistency and passion. Being a YES is being reliable.

Shift from “me” to “we”.  See yourself in other other people. What are you a YES for in the people you admire? You wouldn’t see that in others if it didn’t exist inside of you. I admire Ellen Degeneres because she’s funny, humble and passionate about helping others. When I see that in Ellen, I see that in myself.

Find what you’re a YES for. Use the people around you and your yoga practice as mirrors. Be a YES for yourself. And be a YES for the people who need help believing in themselves. 


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