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Sometimes You Find What You’re Looking For Where You Don’t Want to Look

We’ve been focusing on finding your balance amidst the chaos…

I used to never teach Eagle pose in class. Through Equanimity, the series of balancing postures, I skipped it and wasn’t even aware until someone called me out on it! Great.

Then, I was in the inquiry of Eagle Pose in my own practice. I made sure to teach it in class to see what was there.

I asked myself, “What’s here for me? Why am I skipping out on this pose?”

From my physical practice, I felt tightness is my upper back and chest. I felt like I was protecting my heart. Eagle Pose helped me see the rigidity in my body and emotions. With this awareness, I was able to begin to heal and explore my equanimity.

In my willingness to look, this Eagle ordeal felt chaotic. The tightness felt hard and then I explored in the possibility… Eventually I found my equanimity where I didn’t want to look.


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