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You Are The Source of Vitality

This week is all about VITALITY.

What makes you feel radiant? 

What keeps you stuck? 

I am grateful for this practice because it brings vitality to my life. It starts with my physical body. The sweat, my heartbeat, the whiteness of my eyes, my ability to hear… My vital signs show the spirit of life and radiance!

Sometimes the tapes of worry or doubt show up in my life. You know, the moments when all you want to do is curl up in a ball. When I feel challenged, I have this practice to come back to. This practice is always here to remind me that I am the source of energy for my life.

There is nowhere I need to go or escape to. I can feel free and alive on my own. I am an infinite well of energy and love and I choose a life of presence and vitality!


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