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Rest Is So Important

This week is all about restoration. It’s incredibly important to listen to your body. When it tells you to slow down, we encourage you to do exactly that.

Rest is for your entire being. You need it for your muscles, your spirit and your mind. It’s an opportunity to practice letting go. It’s a beautiful contrast to the ‘go, go go’ attitude that is so prevalent in our culture. Restoration happens in savasana, meditation, the cool-down of your YOD practices, or when you take a contemplative walks with your loved ones.

I used to think that loving myself meant working so hard and always being busy. 
I would fill my time with work and move full speed ahead. Yes, there are always things to do. Working hard has served a purpose in my life. And it is truly about balance. You can’t be busy all the time or you miss out on the gifts that come from not doing and simply being.

Through this practice, I’ve learned I can create space and pause. Life is a cycle and rest is an important part of the big picture. Rest is an equal part of doing the work.

Ask yourself…How much time do you actually carve out to relax? Where in your life do you want to bring in more time for restoration? Make time this week to slow down, listen and rest.


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