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Taking That Leap of Faith

Last weekend was transformative for our yoga teachers-in-training. It was a space where you could feel the fire and take a leap of faith. It was an opportunity to lean into resistance. I encourage you to do the same this week. Give up anything that is in the way of your hopes, dreams and accomplishments. Take steps towards what you want. Take a stance on what you believe and be for it moment to moment.

Taking a leap of faith requires courage, vulnerability and strength and that is where growth is discovered! Have faith in trusting that the unknown will turn out okay.

Set your sails and see where the winds of grace take you. This practice has placed me in the fire and given me an opportunity to grow, and I am grateful for that. It’s hot and messy, and there is magic in the mess. I took the step to open MPY and I was scared of the what ifs… what if we don’t make it… what if no one comes… what if we run out of money.

I had to look beyond the risks and chose to stand in faith and my passion for creation – and I continue to do that everyday.

How do you reshape metal? You heat it up. So raising the temperature is needed to make a change. I’ve had to learn to embrace the heat and now even get excited when I feel it because I know there is greatness on the other side. 

Lean into what feels stuck and have faith. Let go of what is holding you back and be in the flow of what is to come. You are destined for magic – go do it!


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