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  • YOD

    "I have never felt stronger in my life." This is a phrase I find myself saying at least once a day. And I have YOD and MPY to thank for it! It was a surprise addition to a newly rediscovered yoga practice that has transformed me both mentally and physically.

    This program has built my body. The strength, grace and balance I have gained from doing squats with integrity or holding a boat pose and then twisting has shaped my once okay body, into one I thank daily for all that it provides me. It also helped me do headstands... which is pretty cool too!

    The heat (read: sweat!), energy (read: we're in this together!) and enjoyment (read: smiles and high fives!) you create in the room during each class is magic. And everything you do on the mat, allows you to push forward off the mat. Because you are stronger than you know. Stole that last line from Danielle because it's true! 🙂

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  • 40 Days to Personal Revolution

    I've participated in the 40 Day Program twice now. Each time it has been a wonderful experience at just the time it feels that I've needed it. And lets be honest, I always need it. Whether I realize it or not. Life is hard. Days are full, long and I always have a to do list or 5... and I'm always dealing with 'something'. This program allowed me to be aware of all of those things. Like really be aware of them. And then allowed me to work through them. Understand how I could react, or not. How I could approach a situation. How to work through things I didn't even know where holding me back or blocking my goals. This program helped me build my yoga and meditation practice. And it has helped me recommit to it too. It helps me be center and a more mindful and present person. And most apparently - it helped me overcome many years of anxiety and fear that were not serving me. Making me feel more free and available for the things I want to achieve in life. And now I'm doing those things!

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  • Janel Kauppila

    Yoga at MPY has changed my life.

    Yoga at MPY has given me physical and mental strength and pushed me through moments of being uncomfortable. In the past when I experienced a difficult workout, I would easily freak out or quit. Danielle’s words of encouragement help me through those hard workouts, i.e. “nothing lasts forever”, “you’re stronger than you know”, and “you’re one breath away from child’s pose”. Now, my practice has taught me how to return to the foundation of my breath, learn what it feels like grow stronger, and ultimately, just let it happen. Yoga makes me feel good. It’s given me confidence in who I am. It has given me the ability to experience new things unapologetically where I could potentially feel like an idiot.

    Janel Kauppila
  • Eeva Hyytinen

    As I set my intention for practice, I often focus on the physical benefits of yoga: strength, flexibility and balance. It’s extremely simple; the more yoga I do, the healthier I feel. As I build the strength and confidence to do more challenging poses (go upside down at least once a day!), it is physically evident that I am learning and growing as a yogi. Yoga is exciting, as I push my body to constantly try new things!

    Other days, I set my intention on the emotional benefits of yoga... Yoga calms my worries, but also energizes me mentally to be a more productive and genuine me in all aspects of my life.

    At the end of the day, MPY is a place where I know that I can get a great workout and rejuvenate my mind surrounded by people I enjoy, admire and love!!

    Eeva Hyytinen
  • Lindsay Wenner

    I had tried different types of yoga on and off over the last 10 years. It was always something I considered a "recovery" day in my workout routine. But MPY has not only shown me that yoga is more than a recovery activity - it is a practice that has given me strength, stability and passion to truly believe in myself and strive to be the best version of me every day.

    Lindsay Wenner
  • Whitney Hall

    I do yoga because it’s a great way to unplug from the stress of work and everyday life to just relax. It also helps me reconnect with myself to figure out what’s important and where I need to work on things that maybe need more attention.

    Whitney Hall
  • Megan Mullins2

    I came to a Power Yoga class, taught by Danielle. Her classes are challenging and playful, and her openness, passion and non-judgment come through in every class she teaches. Danielle, Mitchell, and the other instructors, foster a sense of welcome that I haven't experienced at any other studio or gym. They know everyone's names, and encourage and welcome newcomers, which in turn, inspires us all to support and get to know each other a bit.

      MPY has shown me how the practice of yoga, combined with passionate instructors and a great studio community, can bring so much more to my life than just a good workout: strength and awareness, openness, and a sense of community and connection I didn't even know I was missing. Yoga hasn't miraculously answered all of life's questions (yet), but I think of it as important maintenance for body and soul; it helps me maintain a state of openness, keeping my eyes and heart open, so that when the answers are there, I'm awake and ready to see and feel them.

    Megan Mullins
  • Elena Petrov

    From the very first MPY class I attended, I walked away feeling revitalized and content. Danielle made me feel like yoga was possible for anyone who wanted to practice it and that it could be physically challenging for my body and relaxing for my mind.  "The attitude of gratitude approach" that MPY teachers practice brings mindfulness into my hectic life. When I practice yoga, I stop thinking about busy schedule and responsibilities. I walk into the studio and I know that I have an hour for MYSELF when nothing else matters: no phone calls or work calendars...Each class is empowering, both physically and mentally. It reminds me that “you cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside.

    Elena Petrov

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