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Whole is the Goal

Our 4th 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is complete! 7 weekends of yoga, meditation and self-inquiry. 7 wise, hardworking, fun and joyful women showed up. From hour 1, they dove right in with sharing authentically, sweating in multiple yoga practices and doing the work even if they didn’t want to, each hour, each day, and each weekend. With each drop of sweat and each word spoken, another layer of self-doubt, fear or shame was shed and the most beautiful bright versions of themselves began to shine through.

The hard work shown on and off the mat by these women and leadership team created the training to be exactly what it needed to be. They showed the power of being a stand for their own greatness AND the greatness of the group. They offered support, connection and an empowering training by committing to the 200 hours of practicing yoga, meditation, being raw and real and speaking from their core. By the last weekend, we were all celebrating in our fullest expression. We left the weekend with Law 12 in Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution bookUnderstand That the Whole is the Goal.

We win when we all win. Being a yes and a stand for someone even when they don’t see it in themselves is what it’s about! Pulling out the courage, possibility, love, joy and passion for each trainee for them to experience for themselves and then allow the world see it SHINE is what happened this weekend with each certified Yoga Teacher!

We truly left the weekend dancing, a new walk, and a deep connection for self and everyone around us, hugs upon hugs, new lipsticks and transformation from the inside and out.

I leave feeling blessed and honored I get to witness and be a part of their journey. Each class, program and training I am a part of reminds me why I choose to do this work every day. Celebrate the big and little moments. Be triumphant and notice YOUR light shining through. For the little moments tend to be the biggest ones. The whole is the goal.


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