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For the Love of YOD

YOD stands for “Your Own Determination.”

Yes, in YOD, we encourage you to do push-ups and move through 5 Rounds of hi-intensity workouts, and YOD is more than that. It’s being determined to stand up for what’s right. Standing in your truth and saying stop to the person that is bullying your friend. YOD is to stand in power and truth for the women who have been speaking up and determined to never let another women have to say #metoo again. (Did you see Oprah’s speech?)

YOD is having determination to see oneness in the world! To see everyone as equal. To love unconditionally and for everyone to feel that love.  I believe it’s possible. And YOD is determined to see that happen.

Last week we had YOD Facilitator Training, Level 1 Training and a 21 Day YOD Boot Camp. So much growth, inspiration and integrity has been shared, cultivated and experienced! The Boot Campers are making shifts and setting goals in all areas of their life. The Facilitators showed the power of always being a student and standing in love, the YOD Level 1 group embodied the YOD principles all weekend. Be a YES. Take Action. Follow Through.

And in the end what matters most is being together and standing for love. We are so excited to be standing and bring a YOD Level 1 training for the first time to Nairobi, Kenya with Africa Yoga Project… Mitchell, Andrew, Katrina and Ericka are headed there in February!

Join us for the YOD love revolution. Take a class, join a training and take action in your life to spread more love.


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