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How To Awaken Joy and Share It With the World

This holidays are here…music, lights, community, giving, receiving.

For me, this is a joyful time of the year. And because I declare, speak and look for joy…my world becomes that.

What do you feel during this time of year? Feel it – embrace it. And then declare what you want to see in your reality around you. Is it joy? Love? Peace?

Webster’s definition of Joy is, “A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.”

We just completed YOD Level 3 Training at MPY and we left this program embodying joy and happiness. They did a YOD class everyday, practiced meditation, yoga nidras (guided meditation) and self-inquiry. Level 3 is all about getting present and looking deep within you in your movement, your rest and your thoughts. In this deep looking it, you can choose and move with life intentionally. You can remove the blocks and suffering that limit our freedom and happiness in life.

Joy, happiness and love are available by simply…receiving, choosing, and letting it in. When you are willing to go deep and accept what is there, you can choose what you want and what best serves you and the people around you. It is your own responsibility to embody what you want.

Sometimes you end up getting in your own way of pure joy. These practices allow you to stop, look at what is actually happening inside and around you and choose another way. 

See the joy around you in this moment, or do something that makes you feel happiness and your spirit come alive. Dance in the kitchen, go out to dinner with a friend, do a handstand!

Feel your heart skip a beat. And in that space of joy, everyone around you will feel it, too. You are loved – you are joy. Keep shining bright.


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