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Breakthroughs, Connection and Community

This past weekend we hosted the Baptiste Institute’s Advanced Art of Assisting workshop at the studio. During the program, we used our hands, feet, heads and elbows. We explored the creativity and magic of physically supporting each other through assists! Many teachers and students from the MPY community participated in the program. We had some big breakthroughs and revelations about the power of touch and connection!

We offer hands-on assists at MPY to support and empower you in your yoga practice, on and off the mat. Assisting is a tool used to wake up your body, inspire each other and be in creation together! It requires you to give from your heart, be open, receive support, and be in the space of possibility.

This program was a reminder that you can go further together than you ever could alone. Life is more full, loving and fun when we’re apart of something bigger than ourselves. The MPY community is an incredible group of people and we are so grateful YOU are part of the magic. Thank you for making MPY what it is.

Come take class this week and get assisted! The studio is LIT UP!

Check out some of our Teacher’s breakthroughs from this past weekend:

“Love is available in ALL moments. And MPY is a bad ass community and I am grateful and love you all!”

“My biggest takeaway is that miracles are everywhere! AND that I am the biggest source and power house to bring connection, joy and love as a way of being. My name means “pure” and I am really feelin’ that in my heart and soul.”

“Assisting isn’t about me, it’s about the student. If I look and listen first I will always give an impactful assist. It does not matter if this assist is in the yoga studio, at my work, or anywhere else in my life!”

“My biggest takeaway is that compassion is a choice. And when I am selfish, I feel less energetic closed off, and separate. When I am compassion I feel free, happy and full of life!”


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