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The Revolution Is Over…Now What?

After the Revolution! 

Our 40 Days to Personal Revolution is complete! Our revolutionaries made major shifts in their bodies and souls. They accessed more self-love, patience, and joy. They are grounded and centered.

So, let’s say you’ve just finished the 40 days here at MPY, or a big project at work. Maybe you quit a job that no longer serves you to commit to something else that really lights you up. Maybe you had a baby. What happens now?

We call this stage: After the Revolution!

You committed to something BIG, something different, something new. Now it’s time to be open. Allow yourself to be in the flow of love, goodness, justice and compassion in the universe.

You know the practices and skills that keep you in your best self. These include but are not limited to yoga, eating nourishing foods, spending time with loved ones and making art. Continue to do things that light you up. Continue to be in the work you know is best for yourself and those around you.

Surrender to the flow of your life! Be peaceful, be compassionate, let go of resistance and keep shining!


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